So many people are currently only vaporizers nowadays. However there’s one thing that were very concerned about and that of safety and durability these temperatures. That’s what we started pixel case. Why? we’re all about getting cases for your vaporizers so that you can safely store them. The reason this is after so many good ones out there but they end up breaking if you drop it while longboarding or something.┬áTake a look at this video…

Is our goal to be able to not have these break. We want to be able to bring case up I will be able to be able to put your vaporizer in and allow to not break. This case would store the bank and make it incredibly safe while you’re riding one of these 5 electric longboards that are awesome.

Where did we come up with the idea? We were reading this post about the Pax Ploom and saw that people were having trouble with the durability. The author over at PhatNav vaporizing Blog said that he would really like if there was some sort of case that they could put it in. When I read that in the post I realize that this was a great idea as suggested on the website of VaporizerFriend.

The reason is not a current case for the Pax. And so many people are buying the pack and using that would only make sense that they would want to case for it. So with that said retail bunch of research and saw this video. We decided that after seeing the video that we would end of building a case. Why because in the video of the person actually breaks their vaporizer even though they followed the guide about small ones on the market. This is just bad news and a total waste of money states p.v.d.

So thanks to these few efforts, we decided that we should start forming our company and coming out with a case.

We’ll be releasing our case for the vaporizer shortly from this good article, however it’s going to come out in the next year or so. We don’t have an exact date, so you’ll just have to stay posted.