In the mid-90s, founders Don and Nancy Bassett combined their love of archaeology with their passion for the Bible and formed a unique vision for an independent, non-denominational museum of the Bible. The vision began to take hold through a series of meetings around the kitchen table of founding board member, B’Lou Carter. Subsequent travels to Bible lands and negotiations with institutions like the Louvre in Paris and the British Museum in London led to the acquisition of a fine collection of archaeological artifacts and exact full-sized replicas of major archaeological discoveries from Bible lands. In 1997, the doors of the Biblical Resource Center & Museum were opened in Collierville, Tennessee. Today, visitors come from around the globe to this museum on what Parade Magazine has called “America’s Finest Main Street” on Collierville’s historic town square.


Our passion for the ancient civilizations that are the setting of the Bible, our conviction regarding the authenticity of the Scriptures and our zeal for its message to all the world compel us to seek to engage the entire community with the historical and cultural backgrounds of the Bible, the Living Word of God.