Rediscovering Biblical Literacy

Biblical Literacy is, at its core, about a great story. We want to help people have a comprehensive understanding of the Greatest Story ever told – the Bible. Not only do we want people to have an awareness of the content of Scripture, however, we want to help people have a deep awareness of the meaning of Scripture, as well. Our aim is to support everyone – regardless of culture, age or socioeconomic status – in the quest to understand that life and truth flow from the Word of God.


Reinforcing Families, Schools and Churches

Educational, faith and family institutions are vital to the long term health of any community. We want to help support neighboring schools, churches and families by providing Bible-rich programs and experiences at the museum. As we partner together with these institutions we aim to play an important role in the community by strengthening students, educators, parents, church leaders, and people of faith through a foundation of life and truth found in the Scriptures.


Reigniting Devotion to the Scriptures

The best way to know The Word is to read The Word. Through our collection of archaeologically significant artifacts and Bible based educational opportunities, we hope to spark a sense of awe and wonder around the Biblical narrative that inspires confidence in the authenticity of Scripture. As people encounter the incredible life and truth of the Bible, we believe that they will be stirred to read the Scriptures more and more.