Generations of faith


$5/person | $15/family (4-5 people)
Group Rates (15 person min): $4/person

Faith is an integral part of community life in the Mid-South. The strength of our schools, businesses, and local civic government has historically been rooted in a deep sense of faithful reverence that exceeds even the Sunday morning church experience. Generations of Faith will celebrate the faith legacy of our community through a collection of faith artifacts loaned to the museum by members of the community. Family Bibles and Books of Prayer from early American history will tell the on-going story of how faith has been transmitted from generation to generation. In addition to these remarkable antiquities, we will be featuring a collection of stunning photography that highlights ways in which the people of today are taking up the mantle of faith in our neighborhoods. Our hope is that the story told through Generations of Faith will inspire all of us to share faith with those within our circles of influence.

Generations of Faith will premiere on February 20, 2018. The gallery at Bible Museum on the Square will be open weekly Tuesday through Saturday10am-5pm. Admission is $5/person, $15/family (3-5 people) with group rates available. Highlights of the exhibition will include a German family Bible from the 1700s, historical antiquities from local congregations, the Brinkley S. Snowden family Bible, a 1600’s book of prayer on loan from Tennessee State Representative Kevin Vaughn, and contemporary photography by Hudd Byard and Craig Thompson.

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