Jesus Revealed


“Who is this man?” – The Disciples, John 4

Over two-thousand years have passed. Kingdoms have risen and fallen. Discoveries have progressed from the primitive to the advanced. Knowledge has greatly increased. Movements have come and gone. People who hold positions of power and authority have lived and died. Volumes upon volumes of history have passed, and yet the question still burns throughout all of the world: Who is Jesus of Nazareth?

Jesus Revealed, a brand new exhibition presented by Bible Museum on the Square, presents a compelling look at the life of Christ. Jesus Revealed examines the birth, life and death of Christ through the lenses of history and culture.

The exhibition premieres on July 5 and will be on display through November 9, 2018 in our gallery.

The gallery at Bible Museum on the Square is open weekly Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-5pm.


$5/person, $15/family (3-5 people)

Group rates available!