Rebuilding History LEGO Workshop

Wouldn’t it be great if LEGO® bricks and minifigs could be used to help kids learn about the Bible? Well, at BMOTS, LEGO® bricks and minifigs are used for this exact purpose! The workshop is offered monthly or you can pick a time to bring your group.

The Gutenberg Press Workshop

Educational. Faith building. And FUN! Our award winning Gutenberg Press Workshop is designed for all of that and more. Learners of all ages are invited to join us for an unforgettable, interactive experience in our gallery. Experience the invention that changed the world!

A Walk through the Bible in a Dozen Dozens

Come take a chronological walk through the Bible with us as we focus on 12 of the many 12s that are found there. Deepen your understanding as history and technology come together. Bring your smartphone (and earbuds) and experience the Bible Museum on a different level!